Name: www-http

Description: World Wide Web HTTP

Note: This is a duplicate of the “http” service and should not be used for discovery purposes. u=<username> p=<password> path=<path to document> (see txtrecords.html#http) Known Subtypes: _printer NOTE: The meaning of this service type, though called just “http”, actually denotes something more precise than just “any data transported using HTTP”. The DNS-SD service type “http” should only be used to advertise content that: * is served over HTTP, * can be displayed by “typical” web browser client software, and * is intented primarily to be viewed by a human user. Of course, the definition of “typical web browser” is subjective, and may change over time, but for practical purposes the DNS-SD service type “http” can be understood as meaning “human-readable HTML content served over HTTP”. In some cases other widely-supported content types may also be appropriate, such as plain text over HTTP, or JPEG image over HTTP. Content types not intented primarily for viewing by a human user, or not widely-supported in web browsing clients, should not be advertised as DNS-SD service type “http”, even if they do happen to be transported over HTTP. Such types should be advertised as their own logical service type with their own DNS-SD service type, for example, XUL (XML User Interface Language) transported over HTTP is advertised explicitly as DNS-SD service type “xul-http”.